# SOME DESCRIPTIVE TITLE. # Copyright (C) YEAR THE PACKAGE'S COPYRIGHT HOLDER # This file is distributed under the same license as the settings package. # # Translators: # Akkiesoft <akkiesoft@marokun.net>, 2013,2016 # Alice Takashina <cannorin@gmail.com>, 2016 # polamjag <s@polamjag.info>, 2013-2014 # Jan-Peter Rühmann <jan-peter@ruehmann.name>, 2016 # lindwurm, 2013 # mt_caret <mtakeda.enigsol@gmail.com>, 2014 # Yuki Shira <shirayuking@gmail.com>, 2013 msgid “” msgstr “” “Project-Id-Version: mikuttern” “Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: n” “POT-Creation-Date: 2018-01-14 03:49+0900n” “PO-Revision-Date: 2018-01-14 11:24+0000n” “Last-Translator: Toshiaki Asai <toshi.alternative@gmail.com>n” “Language-Team: English (www.transifex.com/lindwurm/mikutter/language/en/)n” “MIME-Version: 1.0n” “Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8n” “Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bitn” “Language: enn” “Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);n”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:4 msgid “基本設定” msgstr “Basic preferences”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:5 msgid “各情報を取りに行く間隔。単位は分” msgstr “Interval between retrieving tweets, replies, etc.”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:6 ../basic_settings.rb:29 msgid “タイムラインとリプライ” msgstr “Timeline and Replies”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:7 msgid “あなたがフォローしている人からのリプライとつぶやきの取得間隔” msgstr “Interval between retrieving tweets and replies from whom you follow”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:9 ../basic_settings.rb:30 msgid “フォローしていない人からのリプライ” msgstr “Replies from users you aren't following”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:10 msgid “” “あなたに送られてきたリプライを取得する間隔。n” “上との違いは、あなたがフォローしていない人からのリプライも取得出来ることです” msgstr “Interval between retrieving replies sent to you.\nThis includes the retrieval of replies from people you don't follow as well as those you do.”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:12 msgid “保存した検索” msgstr “Saved search query”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:13 msgid “保存した検索を確認しに行く間隔” msgstr “Interval between retrieving saved search query”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:15 msgid “リストのタイムライン” msgstr “List timeline”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:16 msgid “表示中のリストのタイムラインを確認しに行く間隔” msgstr “Interval between retrieving tweets for currently displayed lists”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:18 ../basic_settings.rb:31 msgid “フォロー” msgstr “Follow”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:19 msgid “フォロー一覧を確認しに行く間隔。mikutterを使わずにフォローした場合、この時に同期される” msgstr “Interval between retrieval of the list of people you are following. If you follow via another client, mikutter will be updated with the information at these intervals.”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:21 ../basic_settings.rb:32 ../basic_settings.rb:39 msgid “フォロワー” msgstr “Follower”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:22 msgid “フォロワー一覧を確認しに行く間隔” msgstr “Interval between retrieving your followers list”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:24 ../basic_settings.rb:33 ../basic_settings.rb:40 msgid “ダイレクトメッセージ” msgstr “Direct message”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:25 msgid “ダイレクトメッセージを確認しに行く間隔” msgstr “Interval between retrieving Direct Messages”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:28 msgid “一度に取得するつぶやきの件数(1-200)” msgstr “Number of tweets to be retrieved at once (1-200)”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:36 msgid “イベントの発生頻度(ミリ秒単位)” msgstr “Frequency of event occurrences(in milliseconds)”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:37 msgid “タイムラインとリプライとリツイート” msgstr “Timeline, Reply and Retweet”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:38 msgid “ふぁぼられ” msgstr “Favorited”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:43 msgid “リアルタイム更新” msgstr “Realtime update”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:44 msgid “ホームタイムライン(UserStream)” msgstr “Home timeline (UserStream)”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:45 msgid “Twitter の UserStream APIを用いて、リアルタイムにツイートやフォローなどのイベントを受け取ります” msgstr “Use Twitter Streaming API to update events(tweets, follow, etc.)”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:46 msgid “リスト(Streaming API)” msgstr “List (Streaming API)”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:47 msgid “Twitter の Streaming APIを用いて、リアルタイムにリストの更新等を受け取ります” msgstr “Use Twitter Streaming API to receive update of lists, etc. in real time.”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:50 msgid “リプライ元をサーバに問い合わせて取得する” msgstr “Retrieve "in-reply-to" tweet from server”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:51 msgid “つぶやきの取得漏れを防止する(遅延対策)” msgstr “Prevent tweets from leaking (as delay prevention)”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:52 msgid “遅延に強くなりますが、ちょっと遅くなります。” msgstr “This will prevent delayed tweet retrieval at the cost of a slight amount of speed.”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:54 msgid “%s について” msgstr “About %s”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:57 msgid “2009-%s Toshiaki Asai” msgstr “2009-%s Toshiaki Asai”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:58 msgid “” “全てのミク廃、そしてTwitter中毒者へ贈る、至高のTwitter Clientを目指すTwitter Client。n” “略して至高のTwitter Client。n” “圧倒的なかわいさではないか我がミクはn” “n” “このソフトウェアは %{license} によって浄化されています。” msgstr “Presenting the supreme Twitter Client for Miku fans and Twitter junkies.nIsn't Miku so cute.nnThis program is purified by %{license}.”

#: ../basic_settings.rb:60 msgid “mikutter.hachune.net/” msgstr “mikutter.hachune.net/”

#: ../settings.rb:11 ../settings.rb:24 msgid “設定” msgstr “Preferences”