class OAuth::AccessToken

Public Instance Methods

get_request(http_method, path, *arguments) click to toggle source
Calls superclass method
# File core/plugin/twitter/mikutwitter/oauth_hacks.rb, line 5
def get_request(http_method, path, *arguments)
  request_uri = URI.parse(path)
  site_uri = consumer.uri
  is_service_uri_different = (request_uri.absolute? && request_uri != site_uri)
  consumer.uri(request_uri) if is_service_uri_different
  response = super(http_method, path, *arguments)
  # NOTE: reset for wholesomeness? meaning that we admit only AccessToken service calls may use different URIs?
  # so reset in case consumer is still used for other token-management tasks subsequently?
  # consumer.uri(site_uri) if is_service_uri_different